New years mean new healthy lifestyle goals – aka New Year’s resolutions. This year resolve to live in Canmore.

Canmore at a glance 

Canmore’s population is just over 13,000 persons and includes a diverse mix of ages and cultures. Boutique shopping and dining are available in town, meaning you don’t have to rely on cookie cutter items from Amazon when you can get unique goods instead. People fly from all over the world to shop in Canmore – you can get those one-of-a-kind items just by walking out your door and going downtown! Not to mention Canmore is nature’s undisputed playground. Much of the area is protected so you’ll always have pristine mountain views and ready access to hiking, fishing, nature walks, birdwatching, biking and summer or winter sports. It’s also a skier’s paradise, one the best places to snowshoe and fat bike…the list goes on and on! So, how does this tie into New Year’s Resolutions for 2022? Simply put, Canmore is where to achieve a balanced lifestyle and be perfectly positioned to engage in all the commitments you set for yourself in 2022.

Resolutions made easy by living in Canmore

  •        Investing in and protecting your financial future: Better money management is at the top of most people’s resolutions list. Buying a home in Canmore means getting into one of the hottest markets in the region. Real estate continues to trend up; not only do you get a beautiful home in an ideal location, the past few years have seen home values continue to rise, giving homeowners faster equity in their investment. Canmore helps you save money in other ways too. The town has a high walkability score and a robust transit system. If you don’t want car payments or associated vehicle expenses, no problem. Just hop on ROAM or stroll to where you want to go.

  •        Getting fit and healthy: Ah, the number one New Year’s resolution for Canadians! Thankfully, a healthy and active lifestyle is easy to achieve in Canmore. In and out of town you’ll find trails and hikes for all levels of fitness. For indoor sports and activities there is Elevation Place and there are no shortages of new ways to be active outdoors. Try spelunking, guided backpacking adventures, paddle boarding, and more!

  •        Being more social: Making new friends and spending quality time with them is important. Not only can you meet at a number of quality coffee shops and eateries, you can enjoy group skiing; daytrips to Calgary, Banff, or Edmonton; hit an art gallery together – you’ll never run out of things to explore with the friends you have now and the ones you’ll meet along the way.

Living in Canmore – Start with the Best Agents

To get the most out of moving to Canmore, or up/downsizing  your current living situation in Canmore, call the experienced, local agents from Mitchell Kocian.  Lori and Alex have years of combined experience in selling all kinds of Canmore real estate, from condos to cabins, from single family homes to generational dwellings. They also know the ins and outs of Canmore living. Through their experience and network, you can get quickly and efficiently settled in your dream home. If you want to be more financially secure, healthier and more social in 2022, thinks about moving to Canmore.

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